Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Job Search Is Not Going Great

I have realized there is no way I can live on 4 hours of sleep and to work two jobs so I can't take a full time third shift job. I can take one that is part time and doesn't work me the full 8 hours. I can do an overnight stocking job where maybe I could work 6 hours or Thursday to Sunday. So I have not ruled that out yet.

This week I got work for my days off but that is just to help an office get caught up. Work is work thought and while I would love for it to last longer it is extra money this week that I can put towards a down payment on a house.

If I can't find work soon I am going to have to start thinking of business ideas. I just can't do the overnight thing and still work at my current job. I can't get more hours there either and I am not sure I want to. I had a difficult customer last night and was not able to deal with him. He was angry and he wanted a price reduction. Then my boss got mad and started blaming the office help (which is me and one other girl). We had notes to prove that we didn't mess things up which is a good things.  I am not so upset about the customer after tracking things down I was ready to just tell him the price that was quoted but we gave him a discount anyway. I get aggravated with the constant blaming my boss does. I  know on my days he blames the other girl so I am not so stupid as to believe that he doesn't do the opposite when she works. Even if she found a great job and quit I don't think I could work there full time again. I do like the job when things are going well with the boss but when he is upset the job is not worth the stress. Who knows what will happen

Well anyhow I am going to keep applying for jobs and see if any of them result in long term employment. We have been looking at a house and because it is  bank owned I am looking at putting a very low offer in if we get pre-approved tonight. The house has been empty for a long time now and we would have quite a few repairs to do. My hubby and I both really like the house so if things work out I would love to be able to buy it. I am not going to stress about it though because if they don't accept an offer low enough that we can still put 20 percent down and pay for the repairs with what we have saved  I don't think we can take it. If they do that would be awesome but the bank may want to hold out for a better opportunity.

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