Sunday, August 1, 2010

August 1st

Today I am taking it easy. I had surgery on Thursday and I did way too much on Friday because I felt okay. I paid for it yesterday. So I am just going to spend the day doing simple chores that won't require a lot of strength. I feel fine today but I want to feel great for Monday so I am just going to have to relax.

I spent a few hours yesterday and Friday applying for jobs online. I worked on my resume and sent it to some temp agencies and some directly to companies. If I take it easy today, I should be able to make a plan for going to fill out applications for Monday. My interview is at 2pm so if I get up early and have a plan in mind. I can go fill out applications in the morning and come home for lunch and head to the interview.

I need another job to save for a big down-payment on a house. I know I don't have to work so much forever and that is encouraging. I just have to keep it up and remember that if I want to reach my goals then I have to work hard now so I can do what I want later.

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