Thursday, June 17, 2010

Still No Sleep

Well last night was fun. My dog got to run around a bunch and she got to swim. We didn't take any pictures my hubby had to control the dog around the animals. She wanted to play with the goats and was scared of horses at first but kept getting braver and I was afraid what she might do. If I want her to go with me I am going to have to take her like an hour early and let her swim her energy off.

I was not surprised she swam but I was kind of surprised that she just kept swimming as long as we were close enough to the pond. She just swam around in circles and got out and got back in. If we would have stayed there until she was really tired she would have behaved better but she was too interested in the big animals.

I am going to have to go without her if I want to help with anything. I may be going out to help with hay on Friday I am going to call her to make sure it is there and ready to be well whatever you do wit hay. I need to learn this kind of stuff if I want my own animals and I don't mind helping for the just the privilege of being able to get my dog tired in her pond once in a while. I don't have any where to take her to swim.

Anyway I went on a cleaning spree yesterday and played with the dog a lot and just kept moving a big part of yesterday hoping that I would be tired at bed time. I was but still couldn't sleep. This is the third night I have had trouble sleeping. I don't know for sure what it is but my best guess is I have a lot on my mind and I just can't shut it off. I don't really know what is going on at work and if I will be down to one day soon or not and if I am not is all the non-sense going on going to make everyone so crabby that I wish I was down to one day. I am not quitting my job I get paid well for a part time job so I will work whatever hours they set for me. I actually just want to know what those hours are each week. I may need to pick up another part time job so it has to be a set day or two.

So here is to hoping getting up at 6:25 am after only sleeping a good hour or two and going to work will make me good and tired tonight so I can sleep. If I have another sleepless night I am going to have to go get a sleeping pill. If it is nice maybe I will come home and mow the grass and go to the store and get a garden hoe and work in the garden.


  1. I can tell by your posts things are getting better. I hope it continues, and best of luck in your endeavors.

  2. whew ur so iindustrious i admire ur stamina. u need to rest, too. its needed by the body