Monday, June 21, 2010

Horses, Dogs and Goats Oh My!

I went to my mom's friends house twice last week. I had a lot of fun I would love to just take my dog and pitch a tent and stay out there if the mosquitoes wouldn't eat me alive. She has 13 horses (I think that is what she said), two goats, two dogs, a bunch of cats and a bunny. I helped with what I could but there was not a lot for me to do when I was there. I helped put hay down for the horses and goats and I was able to bring a goat and a horse in for the night. I am going to remember to charge my camera one of these days and take it out there with me.

I would love to be able to share some pictures I took with you. I just hope I don't get annoying to Ruth the woman who lives there. My dog loves the goats but she is not fearful of the horses and it worries me a little. She loves the pond and I will need to get her out there at least a few times this summer to swim. The only time I have ever seen that dog get worn out for the evening is when she gets to go swimming.

Living this kind of life looks like a lot of hard work. It is physical labor but it is rewarding for those who love animals. I thought I would go out there and end up saying I can't do something like this but I came back feeling like I don't care how hard it is I would love to do something like this.

I also went to the garage sale and I made a small stack of money from stuff I would have just given away or let sit for a few more years. I don't know how much it is yet because we had 4 families participating and there was not a final count when we I left the last day. Everything counts these days. I will be saving every extra dime I can get my hands on because I want to have a big down payment on five or more acre. I will have to learn how to plan for everything which means I will also have to set back money for what I will need to purchase or build before we buy any animals.

Now that I have learned about work and for at least a little while longer I have two days at the shop I might be able to walk some dogs or something on the other days. I am not sure though if someone would want dog waling on just three weekdays. I need to find a few things I can do that will earn me some extra money but I don't have to tied down to for too many hours a day.

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