Thursday, June 3, 2010

Saving Money in June

Well I think I am going to start another section on my blog. I want to have a money savings goal. I am not going to share with you how much I have in savings but I am going to share what I am going to try to save on and what I am saving for.

First I am going to attempt to save with my hubby so we can move to a state that is warmer most of the year. We both want to have something like a small farm. We will have to learn a lot before we can do that. What we want for sure is to live on a big piece of land where we can have a few animals and a garden that will help us not be so dependent on the grocery store. That is all we have planned so far.
  • Now in the last few months I have done a few things to save money. I quit selling Pure Romance because I am not good at sales and it was costing me like $50 a month to keep my discount and of course it was tempting to keep buying things for myself. So if you want anything I still have some stock.
  • I cut my cable and phone bill and just have the internet that saved about $70 dollars a month.
  • I lowered my car insurance to liability on the vehicle that is worth less than 2000 dollars to save $250  a year.
  • I quit buying books and am going to go to the library from now on.
  • I have been trying to use sunlight for lighting whenever possible
  • I am not turning the Air Conditioners on until it hits the 90's and if we can tolerate it I won't turn them on at all.
Things I am thinking of doing

  1. Garage Sale
  2. Sell some cars (we have 4)
  3. Cash out my universal life policies after I have good term insurance in place
  4. look for cheaper internet
  5. Find a way to cut my food budget we seem stuck at $600 a month but that includes the dog and all toiletries.
So now I am asking for some great money saving ideas if you have any or would like to write a post on this blog I would love your advice.

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  1. I like your blog and I really appreciate your thinking. That is great.