Friday, June 4, 2010

Extra Cash To Stockpile For My Farm

Okay so I sold two books to my sister today and got $10 dollars plus I will get $50 for spending half a day weeding at my moms house. It was hard work but I was active for at least 4 hours and then went swimming with my nephew for an hour after.
So I am not making a fortune with odd jobs and selling stuff but I am also not tied down to a job but two days a week. I have the weekend plus Monday to get my own yard done. I have sewing lessons for tomorrow morning and then I have a house to clean and a ton of yard work to do.
I left the donation widget up and called it my farm savings. While I would love for my readers to donate to my awesome cause I really don't need your money. Then again if you have plenty to give and you would love to see pictures of my future baby goats and chicks then by all means I will take your money. That being said the donation widget stays but I truly don't expect to earn any money from it. What I would like though is to get visitors and earn a little from my blogs again but that will come when I post more.

So it is time to help my hubby with his video game and then off to bed. He has promised to cut our fresh strawberries from the garden so I can make a pie in the morning. Thanks for reading!

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