Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Need To Learn How I Can Live Without Stress

Okay I do believe that I get stressed out to easily. I am ready to throw in the towel with my workout program not because I am not seeing results but because i have so many other things going on. I am having trouble feeling good when I am in my period about 16-18 days out of each month. I feel weak and I crave meat and chocolate. I can deal with that for a week at a time once a month but when it is every two weeks for at least 7 days it takes a toll on my self control and my nerves.

So I go to my doctor and she gives me birth control pills to help regulate me. I took them for a few days and end up sick to my stomach the whole time and vomiting three times before I finally went to bed at 5pm on Monday. I knew they made me feel ill before but I was hoping that it would just be a little bit of a queasy feeling. So since I really can't take this anymore I made an appointment to see the Gynecologist and have the ablation done that was supposed to be done when I had my tubes blocked. I have to wait until the end of the month but I will be having another surgery. I really don't need a period and I would love to not have one at all but I am just asking for a normal cycle.

So I also don't feel like working out right now but I am determined to get back to it very soon. I am not going to try to work out every day until this problem is taken care of. I am however going to have try to work out a certain amount of days plus keep busy on non-work out days. I really don't feel like working out after a full day of gardening and yard work so on days like that I am going to consider my chores my workout instead of forcing myself to work out on a day that I probably burned a lot of calories.

I think I stress myself out too much because of things that are bothering me. I feel stressed simply because I am having a health issue and I don't feel like working out. Now that my job is part time and not super stressful there just seems to always be something. Such as the raccoons that are destroying the garden and landscaping that I worked so hard to get started. I wanted to be able to make a lot of things with my garden and my plans are being thwarted by two little baby raccoons! They dug up my blueberry bushes (they were just twigs with roots at this point) and my hubby had to look for where they put them. They destroyed a bunch of my strawberries and they are trying so hard to get into my fencing around the garden that they are tearing it apart.

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