Sunday, May 30, 2010

Outdoor Fun Planned for Tomorrow

I have to finish mowing the lawn at the duplex tomorrow and work on cutting down all the stuff growing on the fence that my hubby sprayed weed killer on. He will help me with that I am sure.

The fun part is working on my garden and flower beds at home. I am not sure what to do with the slugs on my strawberries. This morning they were just in one patch but I wasn't sure you could put slug killer on them. Other than that I have tons of roses to cut and put in vases. A veggie garden to weed and water and the cucumbers need to start growing up.

I have to mow my yard too and my hubby does the trimming. I plan to let the dog play in her little plastic pool while I am working in the yard. I am not sure why a big German Shepherd likes the baby pool but she has a blast. Jumping in laying down and running around the yard 20 times then repeating the process until she ends up just laying in the pool.

So have a great holiday tomorrow!

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