Monday, June 7, 2010

I Love Mondays

So I have not always loved Mondays but now that I only work Tuesdays and Thursdays at a regular job I just love them. I have time in the morning to relax and drink coffee. Today should be a beautiful day to go work on pruning my roses some more and weeding the garden. I also want to mow the lawn.

My hubby and I worked for hours last night at the duplex. It rained on me when I tried to do yard work in at our house and we had a showing at the duplex today so we needed to get that done while it was dry.

It is only supposed to be in the 70's today so it will be nice weather for both indoor and outdoor work. I have a lot of cleaning and laundry to do too but I have all day. I might even be able to fit some sewing in as well. I worked on two items for a baby shower yesterday and sewed up a quick children blanket out of extra fabric to sell at the garage sale I will be participating in. It is nothing special just cute fabric with the edges rolled under twice and sewed together. I will have to wait for my mother in law to finish the baby shower items I want them to be really nice.

In other GREAT news I stepped on the scale this morning and even without working out I have not gained any weight. I have even lost the pound I gained in Florida. Which is a mystery to me because I have not been working out at all. I have been doing so much yard work that I have been too tired to do a good work out. I suppose that has actually helped keep the pounds from coming back.

On the money saving front we got rid of our cable service and phone. My mom pays for a cell phone for me I am sure as she writes it off as a business expense since I work for her and my step-dad. She didn't like me not having a cell and she got it for me. It was free and it only costs her $9 a month and it is free to call almost everyone that I ever call. I have a pre-paid cell we bought years ago for a trip that we pay 21 dollars every 90 days on and it has well over $200 dollars in minutes that we need to use too. We can use that for the calls that are not free. It will take us years to use up that time since we never talk on the phone. I talk to my mom and sister and they are both free.

An added benefit to not having television, unless we watch a DVD or something from Netflix, is that we actually sat down at the table for dinner last night. I am really going to like dinner at the table and talking to the hubby more. I am not sure how much he will like it but I did ask him several times if it was okay to take the cable box back. It is not that we can't afford it but if we want to move we have to sacrifice to save that money. On that same note I don't want to force Ryan to sacrifice in areas that he really doesn't want to. My hubby doesn't speak up a lot and I sometimes ................okay way to often just move on with my agenda when I don't get an immediate answer from him. It was a big step for me to wait a week and ask him again about the cable to make sure he was really okay with getting rid of it. I am learning from my mistakes.

Like always I love to hear tips and trick for saving and earning money as well as weight loss tips and I could really use some gardening tips as well.

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  1. The roses look great! If you want some saving money tips, check out my blog: I post twice a week how I save money at various stores. I don't have much gardening advice because we're trying to grow our vegetables now. If it turns out well, I'll let you know.