Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Lack Motivation Today

I am tired and I just don't want to get off my lazy butt. I am going to journal a little and get up and mow the lawn and work on my garden.

My awesome hubby drilled holes in one of our trash cans that we can not use anymore. We had a lot of stuff in it to start a compost bin and it just needed the holes. So now we will have a compost bin and we can recycle more of our scraps. The dog eats the meat scraps most of the time and the fruit and veggie scraps can go into the compost bin. The clippings from pruning the veggies, flowers and bushes can go in too.

It has been raining a lot the last few days and i have not been able to do my yard work. It is not raining now but it is cooler than it has been and I am hoping the grass will dry out enough that I can go mow the lawn at my home and at the duplex.

I have spent much of this morning thinking about what I could do at home to make a little extra cash. I am going to put some of my stuff in a garage sale soon so that will help. I am learning to sew so I was thinking of learning to make holiday theme items or romantic gift baskets of some sort. I have loads of craft stuff and fabric for romantic stuff. Since it has been just sitting here for years I am thinking that I could make a few dollars making things. Since I already have the stuff and it is just sitting here, any money I make would be worth it because I have already spent the money a long time ago and it would give me practice sewing.

I am working on some gifts for a baby shower right now so I really need to finish that first. I really think if I work hard at this sewing thing I will be able to make the extra money I would like to make. I want some extra to get closer to our goals.

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