Saturday, June 5, 2010

Goats and Chickens

Okay I have the book I have on the side and I am going to read it. I bought it for my hubby a few years ago because he really wants a goat. Well we can't have one in the city and he knows that. Now I am thinking that we might be able to work towards having some farm animals so I have to learn about them.

I have a library book about chickens and a lot of gardening books. I would like to be able to make much if not all of my own food and cook a lot from scratch. So I am trying to learn. My hubby picked a huge amount of strawberries yesterday and he cut them up and I made a strawberry pie this morning. Well sort of......get ready to laugh............I messed up the pie. This is only the second pie I have ever made and I tried to fit too much topping in one pie and the top shell kind of melted off. It is a very ugly but pie. I tasted the filling from around the pie on the cookie sheet and it tastes awesome and so did the crust that baked on the pan. I should have a very tasty ugly pie. I overfilled the peach pie I made the first time and it didn't hurt but there was not as much liquid I really should have thought about that but I didn't. I did cheat and use frozen pie crust but one thing at a time.

It is still nice to be able to make something from what my hubby and I have grown. I can do this I know I can I just have to work hard to get things done. I have to start living like I would if I were living on that farm making my own food. I need to learn to make things from scratch (one thing at a time) and I have to get up early and take care of my plants even on work days. I am going to work hard to learn to sew better as well.

So if you know of any blogs or books about these things let me know! 

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  1. I blog about my goats at Goat Berries and also have lots of "from scratch" type stuff going on at my main site Bleeding Espresso. Feel free to come visit...and good luck with your quest!