Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dog Food and Cleaning

Well that is what is on my agenda today. I need to buy Asuka my awesome German Shepherd some chicken and organ meat. She is running low and I feed her on the Raw diet. I buy have found that Walmart has the best price on leg-quarters so I must make a trip there today. Then I have to separate and freeze them. As a fair warning to both raw feeding snobs and people who are against raw feeding I don't care about your crazy opinions. I don't want to hear about how I am killing my dog or how other people are killing their dog's with pet food.
It did my research and read many books and articles and chose this diet for my dog. I am not going to change it and I am not going to tell other people that feeding their dog a good quality dog food is wrong. Now I do get upset about dogs being fed really crappy food but it really none of my business to judge people unless they are abusing their pets. That being said I do love the results of feeding raw and I am willing to talk about it more if there are interested parties, but I will not be bashing people for feeding their dogs pet food.

My ultimate goal is to be able to raise the chickens that I feed my dog and myself and then we will know what goes into the meat and we will have easy access to all the organ meat we need. For now we have to get if from meat markets and stores as I have not found a poultry farm near by and we have to sacrifice and save to get to where we can buy a place where we can raise chickens.

Also on the agenda for today is to finish the cleaning of my main level of my house. I have been putting off cleaning for ever and just picking up. I really need to get a good dusting, sweeping and mopping in today. I did the kitchen on Monday so just two more rooms to go.

Hopefully I will have time to reorganize this blog as I have Friday-- Monday off. I want to change the labels for my stuff and see if I can figure out how to ad pages. I want to be able to organize things by catagores such as Gardening, Working Out and Sewing. I have many more and have not decided how I want that to work yet but as I organize my house I also feel the need to organize my blog.

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