Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sewing Saturday and Some Other Stuff

So Saturday I did not work out but I did finish sewing a shirt and started another skirt. I really like the shirt and I am glad I got it done before we go to Florida. I hope to get the skirt done too that way i have plenty to wear while I am gone. I will get some pictures up after I find the charger for the digital camera.

I still weigh 150 which is not what I was hoping for but that is okay it looks like on good weeks I loose a pound to a pound and a half which even though that is not what I want it is normal. My foot hurt after walking the dog on Friday so I gave it a rest on Saturday. Well sort of since I was standing a lot yesterday I didn't want to ad a work out to that. I have church and then tanning today and then I will come home and work out.

I did get a strange call yesterday from my local Family Video that said if I rented a video in the next two days it would be free and the next two weeks it is half off. My hubby was home for the evening so we went and got Sherlock Holmes. I liked the movie and I really enjoyed getting something for free. They called it a we miss you discount. They give it to regular customer who have not rented in a long time. We have Netflix now and we don't usually need to rent anything.

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