Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Coffee Needed Today

I worked a long day yesterday and I am very tired today. I had a lot to deal with at work yesterday and I was stressed out by the time I got home. It got in a 15 minute Yoga video that morning and a 60 minute elliptical workout. I think the Yoga is helping me to stay calm during the stress. If it wasn't 7:30 when I got home I was going to do another short Yoga video but I was starving and needed to journal to get some things off my chest. I went to bed at 9:30 and I slept well.

I have been reading a book called You On a Diet and I am rather enjoying it. It explains how food works in you body. It makes a lot sense it ties all the diet plans together and shows you why they fail. Much of it is because the diet plans leave you hungry because of the food choices you make. Low fat and low calorie diets don't work if you don't make the right food choices. If you don't choose filling nutritional foods you won't be able to stay on a diet. It really explains what foods help you body feel full. I may do a full review on this soon, I am only about half way through the book.

My mother let me borrow this book and it has a lot of useful tips in it. It was what made me think to do some Yoga the last few mornings. One of the sections that made a lot of sense to me was that chronic stress was a factor in hindering weight loss. I peeked to later chapters and it said something about Yoga helping calm and reduce stress. So I am going to try to do a little Yoga every morning. When I am off it will be later but when I work it will be early morning. My job is not that bad right now it used to always be stressful and it started that way when I went back. Things have gotten a lot better between me and my boss (step-dad) but we have to work at it. I have also noticed the weeks I get stuck are the weeks and a few after that I am most stressed out.

There is a lot more to it than that but it is very interesting and it gives you a lot of detail about how your physical body works and how your brain chemistry works. I think it is really worth a read for everyone who has had trouble loosing weight.

Have an AWESOME day everyone!

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