Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 1 Already

Saturday Sewing 

Well the last few months have gone by really fast. Today I am going to sew with my mother-in- law and hopefully get another project done. I started a top and I got stuck trying to make the casing for the elastic in the back. Every time I try to sew it I get bubbles. I couldn't get it flat so i hope she can tell me what I am doing wrong. I was hoping to have it done for Florida but no big deal if it isn't done. I have already taken pictures of all the clothes I have finished so maybe after today I will have another picture to share.

Diet and Exercise

Well my diet is not the best everyday but it is not super bad. I was really craving ice cream yesterday so I did pay a ton for a little single serve thing of ice cream. Well it was a ton compared to a carton of ice cream but it made it so that was all I could eat. I have been eating mostly lean meat and veggies for lunch and dinner and fruit for snacks but I have whole grain cereal or a wheat bagel for breakfast. I made the mistake of buying a carton of ice cream about two weeks ago and I ate it all in like 4 days. Amazingly I lost weight that week but I am thinking that was because I didn't eat any snacks on those day and I was still working out.
I have been mixing my work outs up a bit as it is getting nice outside. I can take the dog to the metro-park and walk long trails with lots of hills and soft ground that doesn't hurt my joints like walking on the pavement. So I walk there and get on my elliptical on work days and wet days. Many days the last two weeks I have done both a morning work out and an evening walk.

Other Stuff

I have been catching up on my reviews for my other blog Dark Novels and I am going to try to keep that up at least until I run out of things to review. I have been thinking of creating a fictional character and telling his or her story each Friday or something. I will have some time to think about that while we are driving to Florida from Ohio and then back again.

On that note I am going to be able to write posts for that blog and schedule their posting dates but I may not have internet access while I am in Florida so I may be absent from this blog from May 13-21 or so.


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