Friday, May 28, 2010

Life This Week

Well this past week I have spent a lot of time outside working in the yard and trying to keep the kitchen clean. I have been trying to work on money saving ideas and think of things I can sell that I don't need. I worked two days but I have not gotten a work out in at all since coming home from Florida.

I do have to say I must be burning calories with all the indoor and outdoor activities because I have been maintaining my weight. I am not too worried about it as long as I am active but if i find myself just sitting around a lot then I know I have a problem.

The other thing that has been bothering me is my monthly cycle or should I say my bi-weekly cycle. I have been having a long period every two weeks. I couldn't take it anymore and I went back to the doctor. I really didn't want to be on any type of birth control again but I also don't want to pay my percentage of my insurance deductible for the ablation (procedure to burn the lining of my uterus and slow or stop my bleeding) that was supposed to be done the same time my tubes were blocked. I think I have mentioned this before but the doctor who was supposed to do the procedure at the same time as she did my tubes thought I wouldn't have bad periods anymore because I was on birth control for so long. Well she was wrong and now I have been dealing with 9+ days of a period about every two weeks and spotting most of the time in between. I can deal with a week once a month but this really is making me crabby. I am married and I do like some of those physical aspects that go along with marriage and I rather miss them when I can't have them for long stretches of time.

I will hopefully finish another skirt tomorrow and work in the garden some more. I already need to weed some in the vegetable garden. I will need to mow the lawn again and I will need to pick strawberries. We have a ton of strawberries this year and even thought the birds keep stealing them there are plenty left for us. Our vegetable garden might take some TLC. I am actually going to have to spend some time learning about soil and planting conditions because our tomatoes look like poo. They looked great until we put them outside. Now some of the leaves are turning yellow. Something is eating the broccoli and the cucumbers look good one day and like crap the next. The peppers look great. If nothing else grows I seem to be able to grow great peppers just about every year. Except when the squirrels use them as trees and break them before they get big enough to support them.

I had a really good garden a few years when I lived at my duplex but we brought in a lot of good soil to fill a big hole in the yard and then some soil for gardening so I am thinking the soil here is not as good but I guess the only thing I can do about that is start researching.

I have also been looking into ideas on where we might move to in the future and I don't know for sure but I would love to move. I went to the library and looked for a bunch of books about farming and raising farm animals and found almost nothing useful on anything but chickens and a few books about living a self sufficient life. The latter of the two felt a little too preachy for me. I liked much of the books but I am not going with out running water or electricity and I can't afford to make the change to solar power which they forgot to mention is quite pricey.

So I have had a busy week and I am really tired and will be sleeping before nine. Have a great holiday weekend.

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