Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy To Be Home Kind Of

Well I am happy to be home but I really enjoyed my visit with my Aunt and Uncle in Florida. I miss them more than I realized. My uncle reminds me a lot of my dad who passed away about 10 years ago. Leaving made me very emotional. 
The other really nice thing was that my hubby was on the same schedule as me and we got to spend a lot more time together. He has to get back to a third shift schedule now and it kind of stinks. 
We have been throwing around ideas about saving money and buying a farm of some sort and growing our own food and having some animals that help support our basic needs. Us city folks don't have much of an idea on how that works though so we have to learn before we decide on anything. Neither one of us really wants to work for someone else for the rest of our lives. I don't know if we really want to have a farm or not but we do want a big piece of land and have minimal expenses. I also want to move somewhere where the weather is not so bad in the winter. So if we start planning now maybe with in the next five years we can move it may take longer we can start with small goals first.  

The first thing on my list for saving money is to eliminate the money I spend on books and use the library that is about three blocks away more often. I am also going to look into the book swapping places. 
Then I think we will sell my favorite car, we have 4 cars and we only need two. My hubby will need to sell his race car that he does not use and I will sell my favorite car. That will give us a low mileage sports car and a Jeep to drive. All the cars are paid off so that is not an issue it will just be extra savings to get us closer to a goal.
We also have to decide if we should move back into our duplex and take the for sale sign off. We could use the rent from the upper unit to pay well over half of the house payment and then we would not have additional rent. We would have to make a lot of sacrifices if we were to do that. It is a lot smaller and we would have to be considerate again because their would be renters in the upper unit. It is not that we have parties or anything but we like our television loud and my hubby is loud in the early morning hours especially on the weekend when he is not working. When we lived there before an elderly woman who was not able to hear well lived there so the TV noise didn't bother her. We are still not sure about that but we do know that we would like to work towards a goal of us not having to work for someone else forever. I guess on Monday I have to head to the library for some books on Farming for dummies and we can explore our options.

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