Friday, May 7, 2010

Temptation Sucks!

Well everyday I go to work I try to go prepared with some small apples of some healthy stuff because there is a box of candy bars that sit in front of me. It is a donation box for the woman who works on my days off. She runs a dog rescue and the moderately healthy stuff is often stale. I have been good the last two weeks but it is so tempting and I tend to eat two small apples each day I work to keep the temptation down. That is still less calories than giving in and having one. They are all full size candy bars and loads of fat grams and sugar.

I am just going to have to admit I am a full blow sugar addict. I was actually tired from having to resist that high I get for about 30-60 seconds while I am chowing down on chocolate bliss. I keep trying to remember that the high only lasts while I am eating it because it is very damaging to my weight loss program. As soon as I finish a candy bar I feel the guilt of not being able to control myself but what is worse I want more. One is never enough. While I will rarely eat a second one that day it starts me on a path where I eat one each time I go into work. I also know that foods that high in sugar make me feel crappy when eaten on a regular basis. At least an apple has other dietary benefits. It still stinks that I can't sit there and not think about the candy and I want the dog rescue to make some money and candy sells better than healthy stuff. I am going to have to get me some nuts they are more filling than apples.

I have been very faithful with my healthy eating the last two weeks. When I craved pizza I made a 100% stone ground whole wheat crust and was light on the cheese. No meat on the top either. Then when I was craving ice cream I bought a mini one serving tub of ice cream. One serving only for real it didn't seem worth the cost but it helped me curb my appetite for peanut butter cup ice cream without me killing it by having 4 servings at a time or more likely all day with a spoonful here and there until I realize i have eaten two cups of it. So it was well worth the price to get my little sugar fix and not screw up everything that I have worked for up to this point.

Now that I am not stressing about calories and just trying to make healthy choices I am feeling better and gradually loosing weight. I would love to see faster results but I am going to try to be happy with any results and as long as I don't gain weight. I will adjust that if I step up my strength training but the yoga seems to be hard enough right now. I do realize muscle weighs more and I might gain weight again if I really get on the strength part of working out.

The one thing that the book You On A Diet has made me realize is that I am one of those all or nothing people if I mess up I feel like I have failed and the whole thing is a complete failure and that is why I have so much trouble sticking with a plan. So I am just going to learn that sometimes I make mistakes but I just need to get back on the plan not eat everything in sight because I ate a slice of greasy pizza or a candy bar. I have to accept the mistake and try to make better choices from that point forward.

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