Monday, April 12, 2010

First Week of Only Working Two Days

Well I am getting a late start today. It is my first Monday off and I thought I would do some odd chores and look for some things on the net. I did manage to get the dishwasher going and get rid of all the old stuff in the fridge as well as a few loads of laundry are clean they just need folded and put away.

My updates today are going to be rather random but I will try to start with my weight loss/getting in shape plan. I have been sewing quite a bit lately and because of that have decided my waist line needs to exist again. I am not sure what to do about it yet but it has to be done. I want to buy a pattern book with Gothic Lolita patterns one of these days and I want to look good in them. If I can translate the patterns enough to use them.

So after a week of total failure in the eating department last week I am back on track. I didn't workout everyday last week either but I think I got 4 days in. I have to start posting my workouts again so I don't forget what I did and so I can track my progress by seeing what seems to be effective. I did my weigh in this morning and there was no damage done last week but no progress made either. I was 151.5 and I plan to weigh periodically during the week but I think I will make Mondays my official days to mark my weight. Some time next weekend I plan to take measurements.

I spent 90 minutes on my elliptical yesterday and I really turned the resistance up so my legs are sore today. The good kind of sore in the spots that are supposed to be sore. I plan to do another 90 minutes today shortly after I post this. I have the first disc of Blood Ties Season 2 to watch. I have made it a rule that I can't watch my Netflix television series unless I am working out. Not that I have to listen to my own rules but I am going to try. I plan to do 60-90 minutes on my days off and 45 on the days I work. That way I get a workout in everyday even if they are not always the best. Just making working out a part of my routine everyday is going to have to be the start. That way if I have plans I can just get on for 45 minutes and crank the resistance and incline up. If I have a lot of time then I can work out as long as I can. I just have to make it something that I can't not do unless I am very sick or something I can't prevent comes up.

So I have also been thinking about my eating and I watched some episodes of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution which I rather enjoyed. So I found a show that he did in England called Eat to Save Your Life on you tube. It is graphic and rather gross at times but it really is a wake up call for overweight people. It also demonstrated that something that I do tend to ignore. Muscle does weigh more and it leads to better health with a proper diet. There was a man on the show that was in the obese category and one that was in the slightly overweight category but the heavier man in the obese category, his body scan came up with less body fat and than the younger thinner man.

Now that I have time again I am going to work on making my own food from fresh ingredients as much as possible. I am not going to worry so much about cost of food or how easy the dishes are. I will not go crazy like I used to and analyze every label on every possible thing but I am going to be more careful. I want to get in shape and have a waistline again even if it isn't like it used to be I would like to see it again. One of the best ways to eat healthy is to pick fresh foods. I will eat lots of fruits and veggies and lean cuts of meat but I am not going to cut out other things I love like pizza I am just not going to have it once a week or more. I am going to go try really hard to cut back on sugary things which seem to be my biggest downfall. I only had added sugar in my yogurt yesterday and I got a headache. I get less of a headache when I am caffeine deprived. So I know I have a problem with sugar I was thinking that it was carbs but now I think it is actually sugar because when I eat carbs they are usually also full of sugar. I have a few natural granola bars left that I can have if the cravings won't let up. Until I can get control of that though I have to stay away it is like I am a sugar addict once I have some I want to eat it all day.

So to sum it up I need to eat healthier again and be consistent but now that I have more time I feel like I can do that. I have time to cook and plan meals for work that won't mess up my eating plan. I also need to work out more and everyday. It needs to be as important as brushing my teeth, like something I wouldn't leave the house without doing or at least wouldn't go to bed without doing. I used to do that and that was when I was thin my life was different because I made healthy eating and working out a part of everyday life. I practiced the use of the word "NO" quite often to others and my self with statements like "No I can't hang out until I have had my work out" or "NO I can't eat that greasy bacon burger with three cheeses on it." I also said no to multiple desserts at a party and to going to eat anywhere that I couldn't find something that wasn't deep fired on them menu. At some point I was even able to allow my husband to have sweets in the house as long as I had something I could eat like some low fat ice cream. I am not there yet because I can't just seem to have a serving of ice cream I have to have a huge bowl.

Right now I am very motivated to get on top of this problem and get back to a healthy weight. As far as the weight factor goes that is all I care about. Since I am not going to be a body builder I think that it is reasonable to believe that I can get to at least the top end of my healthy BMI weigh which is around 130 pounds. After that as long as I stay that weight or less I am not going to worry about the scale so much and just work on living healthy.

Truthfully I think I was really hoping that this weight would come off a lot faster. I was hoping that counting every calorie and working out was going to work but that actually seemed to cause less loss and more stress. So for now I am just going to journal what I eat and the workouts I do. I am going to try to live healthier and if all I can manage is a pound a week then so be it. If I can loose more then I will be great-full but my goal will be gradual weight loss and lifestyle change. I know I can do this I was just hoping that by August the month of my birthday and our 13 year anniversary I would look really good. I guess that it could still happen.

Well I have rambled on forever so I won't bore you with my story of my stereo being stolen from my Jeep and the evils of being a landlord.

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  1. I hope every thing works out for you. keep your head up and push through it, you only fail if you let yourself fail.

    best of luck