Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Up Early

Well I have been getting up at 6:30 all week which is actually about an hour later. Now that I have the elliptical upstairs I can work out while my husband is playing video games instead of having to get up earlier and to have most of my workout done before he gets home. It is not as cool to watch my DVD's on my computer instead of the big tv but that is not having to get up so early is a fair trade. We will get a tv for that room eventually but I am not in a rush.

I have not taken my measurements yet to track the inches I have lost but I was down another half a pound this morning. I still weight about every other day but I try not to take stock in the numbers until I am at that number or less consistently. So if I weight 151.5 one day and the next day I weight 151 then the next time I weight 151.5 then I stick with the higher number until it I am sure. It sure is hard for me to break the disappointment I get when I don't loose or put a pound back on. I have noticed that it can just vary maybe what I ate made me retain water and one day I will weight 2 pounds more than the next so I have to be careful about taking every pound so seriously or I will go insane
 I have been up every morning since Saturday on the elliptical for an hour. Well Saturday for 80 minutes and Sunday for 40 but one hour Monday and Tuesday and again today. I am learning how to use it but it was worth the expense I feel like I am getting a much better workout and it still doesn't make my bad leg hurt other than sore muscles that have not been used.

One final note is that I am working the rest of this week and next week just about full time and then I should get two extra days off which makes working for my step-dad much more tolerable. For some reason he thinks that he has to be especially mean to me because I am his step daughter. I was grown and married for years before he came into my life. I try to treat him like family and it is not a problem except when I am working for him. I worked this job for two years before I was fed up with it the first time. It really isn't the job I would love to do that job for the rest of my life for a good boss. There are days he is fine and then he is super mean and throws fits about things I didn't know I was supposed to do. Oh well I think it will be easier when I am down to just three days a week.

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  1. You know how I feel about judging your success by the amount weight you lose...

    I hope you feel better and look better, I wish you well, and good luck.