Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Still on Track

Okay I have had three good days of eating and working out. I am down another pound as I can't seem to stay off the scale but I am not going to freak out if i end up gaining. My legs have been pretty sore the last few days and I am sure I am building muscle in them. I can really feel it if I have to sit for a while then when I get back up I am sore.

This morning I did 45 minutes on the elliptical and I want to do it again tonight if I have time. I did 99 minutes yesterday and I have been watching what I put in my mouth but not going insane over every calorie. I am just trying to make smarter choices with food. Like this morning I planned on doing the strength setting on my elliptical so I wanted to have a high protein breakfast. I had an omelet with a tiny bit of cheese and some mushrooms and green onion that I cooked in another pan with a little soy sauce and mirin. I have been really hungry since I really started kicking but on the elliptical so I am trying to balance my hunger with small snacks and big portions of veggies with my dinner. I am not just eating because I am bored now I am really hungry. So I have some strawberries and cashews to snack on as well as some granola bars in case I get the sweet cravings. My husband is on the elliptical now so if I want on again I have to wait my turn, I plan on getting another 45 minutes in tonight and at least an hour in tomorrow hopefully another 99 minutes. Getting in shape is now my second part time job. I really want to look great by my 13th anniversary on August 22nd. I would like to be a little closer to the size I met my husband. I know I won't ever weight that little again but I also know with hard work and healthy eating I can get back to someone who resembles the girl he met.

Really I have let things get out of control I started this journey a full 68 pounds more than I was when we met and I have been up and down in weight since we got married. I went back down to where I stayed between 110-115 for a good year. Which is not that far off from the 97 pounds I was when I met him but I did a lot of weight lifting then so I probably looked better than I did at 97 pounds. For someone who has been 100 pounds it is hard to see yourself in the 165 pound body. I am beginning to get there I am almost down 15 pounds and I can see some shape to my legs and rear end again. I really want the belly fat to go away but what is really nice it that my face is starting to loose some weight and doesn't look so round anymore.

So that is it I am working on lifestyle changes and balance. I don't have to go to work as much so I am going to take a chunk of that time and devote it to getting in shape. I am going to try to focus on how I look and feel and not how much I weigh, but that will happen gradually.

On a side note I am trying to take the stressful things as they come I read in Prevention Magazine today that working out can reduce stress after a hard day so I am going to try to work out in the morning and evening on work days. I also have the duplex to stress over because one set of tenants is harassing the other set and doing rude and mean things. They are also not following simple rules like not parking where you would block another tenant from getting out. I have to deal with this and I just hate it I wish this place would sell and someone else would have the headache. The fees and taxes have been raised too and the water bill keeps going up so I also have to think about raising rent. I am not exited about having to reprimand adults or having to raise rent but things have to be done. This is really the only thing bothering me right now because I can handle work on a part time basis and I can take things like my car stereo being stolen as an annoying but not big loss.

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  1. Life moves on and all we can do is our best.

    that sucks you stereo got ripped, hope it all works out.