Sunday, March 28, 2010

Two More Weeks

Had breakfast with my mom today and they talked to Shellie the lady who I am filling in for at the Shop. She is coming back in two weeks for two days a week. I am so glad working for family that much is very taxing on your relationships. Don't get me wrong I am grateful for the pay and I love my mom  and I even love the job but my step-dad is my boss and he is not very nice. That leaves me with at least four days off and a lot more time to do things like clean the house and work on gardening and sewing projects and last but not least time to spend blogging.

I worked out for 45 minutes in the morning and another 40 in the evening yesterday. I am still down just 13 pounds from my original weight but that is okay because I have not been working out much. I actually can't wait to get back on my Sole E35 Elliptical Trainer today. I have been having computer issues so it took me a while to connect to the net when all I wanted to do was check my mail and facebook and write a blog post. Anyway after over 80 minutes on the elliptical yesterday I am kinda sore but the good kind of sore where you know that you got results from your workout. I actually enjoyed doing it too. It comes with a heart-rate monitor strap that works very well unlike the sensors on the front of the machine. The programs are rough for someone who is not in good shape but they really get the heart rate up there and they work a lot of muscles. My arms are very sore as I did the Hills program 2 times and the cardio program once and I did the rest on manual. I don't see them getting too easy anytime soon and that is what I was looking for a low impact way to get my heart rate up into a good zone. I had so much trouble with my hip after even just jogging in spurts on the treadmill I sometimes couldn't get on for a few days because of the pain and I mean pain not sore. I have fours screws and a big plate in one leg. I think it will be great to help me get back more range of motion too. I am really happy with it. It was well worth the money and it has a 2 year warranty. I wouldn't say if is gym quality but it is so much closer than the other models in this price range.

So I suppose that is enough about my elliptical today I am going to try to keep this site updated at least on the weekends until I get some more time off because I am back on track with better eating not great anymore but still better and working out consistently. For now I can't completely get over my weighing obsession but I am going to try to weight less and just work hard. I am still going to be happy about the actual loss of pounds but I think I am going to get the old measuring tape out and start measuring inches as well so if I gain pound but have lost some in the inches department I will know that I am still on track and just gaining muscle. I don't know that I will ever be able to get over feeling like pounds are so important but at least if I can find a more acurate way to measure my progress I will feel like I have accomplished something with my work. Jeff King I really want to thank you for all your encouragement. It is rough but I am going to try to eat reasonably but not be on a restrictive diet and work out and measure my weight loss in inches instead of pounds. I don't know why it is so hard to shake the though that you mainly measure weight loss in pounds. Maybe it is because every chart that measures your health uses pounds. Like the BMI that said I was obese until I hit 155 so I was obese at 165 now that I am 153 I am supposedly at risk for health issues from being overweight.

On that note I am finally seeing a much bigger difference in my clothing. A lot of it is loose in the legs, butt. hips and arms. I seem to really hold the weight in my waist so that has been the problem in going down a size. I am not really sure how to fix this problem but I am loosing there just a lot slower than everywhere else. I am guessing that is why it took me so long to really notice the loss because I usually measure it by my pants size. Other people noticed before i really did that my pants were baggy. The last two or three pounds seem to come off only in the butt and hips because I really noticed them. Oh well hopefully it will even out soon.

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  1. Thank you--the only reason I suggest getting weight-loss out of your head is because it leads to disappointment and eventually failure of your over all goal...and that’s to feel better and look better. I can promise if you eat well and continue to work out on your schedule, the weight will come off. Just judge how you feel and how much energy and ambition you get by working out.

    I and my wife have started P90x and it is simply amazing. After two weeks I see a big difference in the way I look in the mirror and the way I feel. The biggest difference is how my flat stomach looks. I don’t use weight loss as a measure of success. But my wife dose and she has lost 15 pound in two weeks and her body looks much better. She tried the conventional way of losing weight and didn’t lose a pound, and she worked much harder before p90x, but now she works smarted with a plan of success p90x gives you.

    Just be warned if you get it. The program is hard… but worth it. Just do what you can for as long as you can. When I first started I couldn’t do half of what was shown on the videos, 2 weeks later I am almost able to do everything just not for the amount of time they do it at. There is no doubt I will get there after seeing the difference 2 weeks as made.

    Thx, and keep it up.