Sunday, March 14, 2010

Update on My Crazy Life

I have been sewing a lot the last two days. My mother-in-law has been coming over on Saturdays to teach me and I had to skip last week because of my cold and my mom being in the hospital. So yesterday we started a new skirt. I wanted to do a long one with an elastic waist band. Zippers are were not easy for me. So here are some pictures of the two skirts I have completed and one that still needs the waistband and bottom hem. The one with red roses is completed and so is the long one. The one with pink bows still needs a little work.
I have really enjoyed this and I plan to work on some other things when I go back to part time work. Right now I barely have time for sewing on the weekend. I have to clean later and my husband has done a lot of the laundry but I am so far behind on things I feel rather frustrated. I am not worrying so much about weigh loss right now as I need to adjust to being so busy. Since it is temporary I am just going to do what I can for now.

I was excited about the pay for the few weeks of full time work but now I can't wait until Shellie wants to come back to work. I am all for part time with extra days off to get house work done and some of my hobbies. Both of my blogs have suffered because I can't get on at work and when I get home my husband has a video game he plays online right now and I can't use the internet either. I would type a post in word but they always end up all jumbled up when I try to past them or upload them.

I am hoping to be on top of things soon. I plan to grow my own garden this year again but I want it bigger and I will have a few things I can grow in large pots on the porch so I am going to be really busy and have lots of updates once I am done working 40 or more hours a week for the automotive shop. Not that I hate the job I would just prefer part time.

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