Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Working Today

I was supposed to work tomorrow but there was an emergency and I now have to work today. So I am just going to get a short workout today. The good news is I am down another pound. I have lost 7 pounds now.

I did an hour and a half of the toning videos yesterday and I am a bit sore today. I thought I would be super sore but I am doing okay. I am sore enough that I want to wait until tomorrow to do the toning videos again. That is a good thing instead of being so sore that I can't do it again for a week.

Yesterday I ate a lot of stuff and wound up with three points less than my target points. I am pretty sure I can do that most of the week so I can have pizza on Saturday and not feel guilty. It is nice to find filling low point foods and I think that it helps to eat 4-5 times a day instead of stuffing myself at three meals. It is helping me control my portion sizes at my main meals. Well have a great day and those of you who are loosing weight good luck.