Sunday, February 21, 2010

Well Something Changed

The last day I worked out was Tuesday but I was on my feet for a good six hours yesterday. My post yesterday was that I was really frustrated that I gained weight. I hit 157.5 last Sunday and stayed there for five days. I always weigh in the morning when I get up and naked so there is not clothing fluctuation. So for whatever reason on Friday I weight 158 and on Saturday I weight 158.5. I was really upset because I couldn't get on the treadmill because the last time I was on I wore some leggings that apparently had a splinter of something hard in the seam and rubbed the skin right off my inner thigh. I didn't really notice it until I got in the shower after my 100 minutes on the treadmill. It is close to healed now and I bought some medical tape because a band-aide won't stay put there. Since I am so fat I couldn't walk without for extended periods of time without it bothering me and possibly getting worse.

So now your asking me why I was so upset right? Well it is because I was still making sure that I didn't eat too many freaking points (Weight Watchers). I was only hoping to maintain my weight without the workout. I was very frustrated because there is no way I can work out that 1.5 to two hours I have been doing when I get back to work. I will be able to get up early enough to get in an hour on most days but not much more. I will probably have to choose each day if I want to tone or do cardio except on the weekend. I also spent the day learning to make clothing and I will be happy to learn to take in the clothing but not to have to scrap what I made and start over because I have put all my weight back on. I will write about sewing later it was fun and I had a blast spending time with my mother-in-law.

Anyway all of this to say I am going back to a lower carbohydrate diet. I am not going to worry as much about points. I did it yesterday and woke up at 157 pounds today. That is a pound and a half in one day while I am sure there was something else going on as well like some bloating or something I am also quite sure I eat too much bread. I am just going to regulate my diet by what makes me loose weight. I can't stick to a strict no carb diet and I don't like many veggies so I have to be able to have fruits. I will just limit my grains and only eat whole grains when I do eat them. I am starting to think that while I love grains and breads that I don't process them well. What I do remember for sure about when I was thin is that I ate a lot of red meat and it seemed to make me feel full and make my toning more successful. Right now I feel very tired and weak after toning and really want something to eat and I usually go for the easy fix something low in calories and fat but high in carbs.

So I am just going to try to learn by seeing what works. I have seen some weight loss now I am at 8 pounds lost but I hold a lot of it in my midsection and it doesn't seem to be coming off there. I can see a difference in how the legs of my pants fit but I still can't see much of a difference in how the waist fits. So I really want to get about 5 more pounds off fast and still build muscle. I know it can be done I did it before I just can't remember exactly how. I lost a lot of weight in just a few months and then it took a while to get the last 10-15 pounds off but I managed to get rid of the bulk of it rather quickly. I know when you get older it is harder but I am only 32 so it shouldn't be that hard.

Last but not least if this new plan doesn't work I am going to see the doctor and make sure there is nothing physical hindering my weight loss. The only medication I take anymore is an occasional ibprofin and tums or a pepcid if the heartburn is really bad so it is not medication causing it to be so hard to loose weight. I bought yet another cookbook and I will let you know how I like it later.

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  1. I really hope you find happiness, love, and self confidence... reading between the lines, I say the reason you’re not seeing constant loss, it mostly psychological…

    Calling yourself fat -- thinking your fat... turns to thinking your ugly and that turns to no one could love me... and that turns to skipping meals and eating disorders...

    Ways to help burn fat..........
    (Increase your metabolism) Natural energy the body needs daily the more muscle you have the more fat you will burn just sitting on the couch.

    But remember muscle weighs more that fat. So you must gain weight to loss weight more easily… because you need more muscle to increase your metabolism.

    Second: burning off any excess calories by exercise.

    Eating healthy, living healthy, and feeling healthy and most important of all ENJOYING IT ALL.

    Happiness can take you where you need/want to go, this mean happiness in all aspects of life. Love yourself, project who you want to be and go for it… letting stress, disappointments, self-doubt, unachieved goals, other peoples expectations, negative thinking all prevent you from being who you want to be.

    Know you’re pretty, smart, sexy, entertaining, a great mother and wife, a great employee…. See what you want to be, know that’s who you are, live in the constant state of being happy…
    I wish you well, and hope one day you’ll see the light… who we think we are is more real than whom we let other tell us who we are.
    No one can tell me I’m ugly WHY… because I believe I am not…

    No one can tell me I am stupid, lazy, fat or make me feel bad in anyway WHY… because I believe I am not. And none ever can change that, because I won’t let them.

    God bless