Saturday, February 20, 2010


Well I am really irritated with my body. I am going to try to keep smaller portions and writing what I eat down but I am going back to a low carb diet. Not a no carb diet because I can not handle that. I will try to just have non fruit or veggie carbs at one meal or for a snack. I am just going to do this for two weeks and see if I get any results. I had one cup of canned peaches(caned in fruit juice not syrup) for breakfast today and I am having chicken and fruit for an early lunch. I only have fruit in the house right now I will get some veggies when I go to the store tomorrow.

I can not figure out how in the world I can eat so little and still gain weight. I am not really sure what I can do but I am actually getting really ticked off that I have given up all kinds of stuff I liked already and still can't loose this weight. I didn't gain muscle this week either because I couldn't work out much. My husband eats like three times as much as I do and he eats a lot of junk food and he might gain 5 pounds that he can drop by not drinking pop for a week.

I don't drink any calories except an occasional cup of tea with a small amount of sugar or honey. I even transitioned to black coffee and I do miss the milk I put in it. I don't know but if I find something that works I will have to stick to it. I am really tired of being overweight. I am not getting good results with just a low fat diet. I thought I was but just a few days of not working out and still following the diet plan and I gain a pound there must be something wrong with the diet plan. I would not say that if I had stayed the same weight but I gained weight.

I am sure I did a low carb diet when I lost my weight before I remember eating a lot of meat and I really have been craving meat lately. I have been looking at medical and natural sites about weight loss and it seems that my suspicion that one diet doesn't work for everyone is correct. I know I used weight watchers when I lost the weight too but I think did a combination of a low carb diet and they didn't have flex points so at 130 pounds I was able to have about 25 points a day. I have a bad memory so I am not exactly sure I know that my personal trainer handed me a meal plan that said all I could have was fish and chicken and vegetables and I couldn't do that. I hate veggies and I love beef and other red meats and I don't like fish. I eat buffalo instead of beef most of the time now but the part I couldn't handle was I only like a few veggies so I needed to add fruit and I like to have carbs especially for breakfast so I only ate whole grains.

Well I guess it won't hurt to try this for a few weeks. I suppose the part that is really bothering me was that I ate a lot more then. I ate big steaks and was still loosing weight.

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  1. Nothing wrong with steaks... enjoy life. One day you will see, that what I have been telling you not to worry about weight... just do the exercise and what the portion sizes you eat and it will happen for you.

    Stress is a killer of good health and if you worry so much you won't see the benefits that you would be seeing, stress free and enjoy life and enjoy trying to be healthy...

    Hope you find the way some day. Good luck.