Monday, February 22, 2010

Having a Great Morning

Well I got up at 6:20 this morning and did some chores and had a mango for breakfast. Other than all the trouble I had cutting that thing up it was great. I have been eating fruit for breakfast the last three days. The best part about the morning was the weigh in. I am down another pound for a total of nine pounds weight loss.

Real quick I wanted to say thanks to Jeff King for all the encouragement. I understand what you are saying about feeling good about yourself but I just can't this overweight. I feel like crap not just mentally but physically as well. I have the frame of a say a tiny Asian woman. I not only don't look good at this weight but it makes my knees hurt and my hip that I broke last year. I am sure that will still hurt sometimes but I know my knees only hurt like this when I am way over weight. According to my BMI I am obese but that is only until I hit 155 which is now only one pound away. I also know that muscle weighs more but on that note unless I am trying to build a body builders body I should still fit in my healthy weight guidelines.

Like I have said before I don't need to be as thin as I used to be to feel good but I do need to be a healthy weight and I have never had this much trouble loosing weight before. I just have been having trouble remembering what I did to loose weight. Now if this new plan of staying away from breads and other starches for most meals continues to work I am staying on it. I really want to see my waist line go down some and I think this might work. If it doesn't then no one got hurt in the process I just have to pack up some food and take it to the food bank.

I worked out yesterday, toning for 20 minutes then straight to the treadmill for an hour. So hopefully with the new plan I won't have to workout 90 to 120 minutes everyday. I know I wont have time for that very soon I will be back to work.

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  1. I am pulling for you... you're in my prayers. i hope you can look in the mirror and smile, I hope you see the angel you should see. I hope you find happiness in yourself... I hope you find the peace that you need.
    Thx for this sharing, keep it up.