Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Skirt I Am Making

Well the picture is not that great I need to learn how to resize things better. It got fuzzy and the color is more vivid.
My awesome mother-in-law is teaching me how to sew. I have had a machine for over two years now and have only made a few things. I like the goth look but I hate the prices at stores like Hot Topic. So we went to the fabric store in search of a material I could work with. I started with a crushed velvet skirt and it was aweful. I couldn't get the material to cooperate with me and I put my sewing machine away for a year. After reading up a little I learned that a stiffer fabric was better to start with. I also messed up other things when making the skirt but it is done and can be worn but just barely.
For this skirt I need to finish do the waist band and a bottom hem but I am going to wait until Saturday for my next lesson. I think I might start another skirt just like this one for the practice. I messed up the zipper a little but I don't think anyone will notice so I am leaving it that way and will try to do better on my next skirt. I am excited to be able to finish a skirt and while it took a lot of time for me it saved me a lot of money. If you don't count the pattern it only cost me about 15 dollars to make. If you count the pattern it is still under 20 dollars try finding a skirt for that price at Hot Topic.
I also know now that it will be to my benefit to raid the fabric store right after Halloween since for the fabrics that suit me well. I have to go get a zipper today and will look at their sales and see if there is anything else I really like. I have a few at home from last weeks trip so no worries if I don't see anything on sale that just screams my name. I am going to take a look at a few shirt patterns too and see if I want to try one next or stick with skirts for now.

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  1. I love it... great design on the fabric.

    Roses and skulls, can't go wrong there.