Tuesday, February 23, 2010

65 Treadmill Minutes Before 7 AM

First I just want to remind you I am taking donations for a family I know that is why the papal widget is on my blog. Read more here.

Second I want to say that I am trying to get back into a schedule where I am done with my workout early enough to get ready for work and preferably before my husband gets home. He works 10:30 at night to 6:30 in the morning so he gets home a few minutes before 7. He likes to play video games when he comes home for awhile before he goes to bed and we only have one television. I usually watch something from Netflix while I am on so I am not bored to death.

I did it today but I was sleepy most of the way through the hour. I tried to go to bed at 8:30 hoping I would be asleep by nine but I was still awake at 9:35 or at least that is the last time I looked at the clock. I set my alarm for 5 but hit snooze three times. Maybe tonight I will be tired enough to go right to sleep. I really hate a morning schedule but I also know myself if I don't work out before work I won't have the energy to do it after work.

I am still not sure when I am going back to work. Shellie the woman who replaced me when I was in school is very close to her due date but she is working until she is ready to go to the hospital. I have been working one day a week for the past few weeks when she is at the doctor. I am glad to have the opportunity to go back but I hate not knowing what day I will start. So for now I will just try to get back to a schedule that will allow me to be ready in a matter of minutes if I need to go to work. I just won't plan anything for the mornings during the week and be worked out and showered before 8 so if I get the call I just have to get work clothes on, throw some makeup on and pack a lunch.

I spent last night going through some of my old clothes and was surprised at how little I was for quite some time. I boxed up things that I won't ever fit into again but saved a very small box of my favorites just in case. I had a lot of clothes marked size 0-3 and I just don't see me ever fitting into them again. I did however think of somethings I might be able to do with them and my sewing machine. I may not be able to wear them again but I can use them to make something else. That is why I saved some of my favorites. I then boxed up all the clothes the warm clothes I might fit in but not this season and clothes I am not sure I want to keep. I pulled out jeans and dress pants that were size 7-10 and put them in a box to try on as I loose weight. I pulled out some shirt that I should fit into when I loose 11 more pounds. I could put some of them on now but I would look awful in them. It was quite the motivator to loose some more weight or at least inches. I have a lot of clothes I like and can't wear. I want to wear them again at least some of them.

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  1. I hope it all works out, keep your head up and keep going... thx