Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lifestyle Changes

I have slowly but surely been making changes to my lifestyle to become healthy. I wanted to share some of those with my readers. The thing that has taken me quite some time is not putting milk in my coffee. I used to drink my coffee black but I got used to putting milk in it when I was drinking my husbands darker blend. Then I never went back to black because I had a lot of stomach issues and the milk made it possible for me to drink my coffee. I still have heartburn more than I should but it seems to get better with every pound I loose. So I found a that the Maxwell House vanilla coffee is light on my stomach and after two weeks of weaning myself off the milk a little at a time I am not drinking black coffee again.

I have also been changing my portion sizes and I eat at least 4 times a day three meals and one or two low calorie snacks. I have been following the Weight Watchers plan for about a week now and I have tried 2 recipes from the cookbook on the side. They were both good even thought I had to make some changes. The recipe on the front of the book was supposed to be grilled but I had to put it in a pan I was not going out in the snow to grill it. The serving size was very small so I ate more but since each serving is only 4 points it was not a big deal. I also made the Turkey chowder and made some changes as well because I didn't have turkey breast I used chicken breast and instead of regular bacon I used turkey bacon. It would have been better with regular bacon. I also substituted cauliflower for the celery. I think you could ad any veggies you like to this recipe without changing the points value. I really enjoyed this 5 point recipe and you get a cup and a half of the soup. I also added a little cheese because I had lots of points left that day but it is not needed.

So with the diet changes and the intense workout regimen I am starting to feel better physically. I hope to look better soon too which will help with my confidence. I have also been trying to make some changes in other areas of my life. I have been trying to say THANK YOU to my husband and to other people who do nice things for me. I have been trying to make better financial decisions so I don't have to worry about money since we already make enough to live on with my husbands income. When I work part time we will make more than enough and anything extra is just a bonus. So over all I have been trying to not stress out about things and just take life one day at a time. Like yesterday when my husband made me a coffee cake I just fit it into my diet plan instead of having a hysterical fit because he knows I am on a diet. I have to learn to appreciate the good things in life and focus on them!


  1. Good job Carrie! Sounds like you're on your way! Whoo hooo!!

  2. Awesome report, I am happy for you. If what we do in life does not make us happy then why do them?

    I hope that day comes, where you don't have to worry about things like weight, or self-confidence, exedra, exedra...

    Learning to live happily instead of focusing on the negative; is a huge relief in life, and allows one to feel peace that brings love to the surface.

    Best of luck.