Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hungry Girl Cookbook Review

I have not tried one recipe in this book. Why you ask?? Because I bought it for the desserts and they all contain Splenda and I can't eat much of the stuff without getting a migraine. I just don't know why these types of books can't create a some recipes that are just low sugar. The recipes look fabulous but I can't eat them. If you can eat Splenda I say give this book a try!

That being said there look to be some good recipes for non-sweet items that I will try eventually after I get over my stubborn refusal to use the book because I can't make the desserts. The great thing is most of the meals make small portions. I have run across many books like this where they have low fat and low calorie recipe that serves ten. That means you have to find a way to divide the meal into ten equal portions before you can figure out how much you can eat. Then half the time you get a very small portion and have a ton leftover. It is just me and my husband so having 6 or more portions left over is just not worth it.  My husband can eat whatever he wants and only gains a little weight that he can keep off with regular workouts so he doesn't always appreciate my attempts at dieting. Many of these meals are easy to make and make single servings up to about 4 servings.

There are a few items in the book that I have never looked for in my grocery store as she substitutes pasta of any kind and a few other items. I don't know how hard they are to find or how expensive they are.

Over all I would suggest this book to anyone willing to do a little work at the grocery store that is not sensitive to sweeteners. I also again warn if you can't use Splenda or artificial sweeteners you won't be able to make the desserts even thought they sound heavenly. I might pick one that doesn't use a lot of Splenda one day and try since I can tolerate small amounts of it but for the most part these recipes are not for me.


  1. Thx i'll keep this book in mind...

  2. I get the Hungry Girl emails so checked out the cookbook too and found the same thing you did. I don't care for Splenda either and I noticed other ingredients that I hadn't heard of. Sometime I might actually find those ingredients and try them out.