Thursday, February 11, 2010

This Week In Review

Well this week has been kind of strange. I have been working a lot on promoting this blog as well as my Dark Novels blog and have found that this blog is quickly picking up in popularity. I have been spending a few hours a day writing posts and dropping cards. I think I may put adgetize on this blog as well. While not significant having two blogs with Adsense seems to up my earnings as well. I don't get much but with more visitors to this site I am getting a few cents a day now compared to one cent or less. The occasional click boosts my earnings too.

I have found that I have many more things I can do with a relative amount of ease on this blog without sacrificing readers. It is a personal blog I can write about just about anything and right now my focus is on weight loss with a little personal finance mixed in. The problem is that now that I really enjoy writing for this blog I have been neglecting my other blog. I have to think about my book reviews and that takes time. So once again I will be in a search to find balance. I often wonder why it is so hard for me to find balance in anything I do. Is it my personality type?

Working out
I have been doing good with this still but Tuesday I worked and took a break although with all the snow I shoveled I am not sure it was really a break. I have been reviewing some of my books on exercise and decided I need to do more toning if I want to see fat loss and look better. I will have a review of a Jillian Michaels book for this blog soon. So I have been working on my Claudia Schiffer YouTube videos and getting on the treadmill. I try to do at least an hour a day as I am having trouble working out more than that now that I am sore everyday. I am not so sore I can't work out but when I do I start to feel exhausted if I do too much. 

I have been doing amazingly well with this aspect of my life. I am still praying for someone to invent a pill that makes sweets taste bad so I can arm myself with that when I go to a party or my small group. I am not asking for something that makes me loose weight here just something that makes me not want sweets. Okay since that is not happening I am following Weight Watchers and I have not used my Flex Points (extra points you can use after your target points) or my activity points all week and I have been a little under my target points every day as well. I will be using many of the points on Saturday for our Valentines dinner at a great local pizza joint. I will attempt to eat light all day to keep my points low but I really want pizza not one of the microwave Weight Watchers ones but real good pizza. Not that the WW's frozen pizzas are not good but they are just not the same.

Everything Else
Well my life is good this week except the snow. We got a little under a foot of snow over two days but the worst part was the wind that was making huge snow banks. I had to work on one of the days but because I want to be responsible and bring some money into the home I didn't call off. I hate driving in the snow it stinks but my Jeep did well and got me there and back with only one slip into a curb I couldn't see no real damage done. I have been doing pretty well remembering to say THANK YOU to people who are doing nice things for me. That does seem to change the way people talk to you especially when you are asking for help and you actually thank the person for telling you how to do something. I think at least where I come from people don't hear those two words enough.


  1. I feel your pain... the reason I think this Blog has seemed to get more popular is probably the personal nature of it. it appeals to wider range of readers.

    keep up everything you are doing, I am proud of you... don't quit.