Friday, February 19, 2010

Grateful For My Life Today!

I am really feeling grateful that my life is so easy today. I am also really wishing I could figure out a way to help my friends who are really suffering. I don't cook well and that is what most people seem to be doing for them. I have a friend who is struggling with multiple health issues with her new born and another who is suffering from postpaid depression. I really don't know how to help other than to pray.

It really put my crappy week into perspective. I just had a week that slowed my weight loss plans down and made it hard for me to blog like I like too. Overall that is not a big deal at all. No one will die if I don't loose a pound this week or post on my blog.

I did however manage to get some of my house clean and finish sewing a skirt that I started last year and gave up sewing because it was so hard. Then once I realized a beginning sewer should not try using a fabric like crushed velvet no matter how cool it looks I sent a face-book message to my mother-in-law and she helped me pick out some easy to work with fabric. She also agreed to come over the next few Saturdays and help me with my sewing. So I spent the last two days working on sewing a lot of the time and checking face book to see how my friends were doing. I managed to make two pillows and cut out a few possible patterns. I also found out that I am not an average size and I don't know how I am going to make a skirt. I am not thin but I am also not huge but apparently my waist size is way off the charts but my hip size is a size 12-14. My problem is that my waist is not that much smaller than my hips and according to all the stupid charts my waist is supposed to be significantly smaller than my hips. Now I know why I always have so much trouble finding clothes that look good on me. They are either too tight in the waist or too baggy in the hips or legs. That is probably why it seems to take so long for me to loose a size because I hold so much of my weight in my midsection.

I will be back on the treadmill on Sunday and I will probably be back to work some of next week if not all of it. Shellie will be having that baby soon and I will have to fill in for her. I am praying all goes well for her. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers for my friends they are greatly appreciated.

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  1. I wish you the best, keep your head up... I am sure just being there for your friends is help enough.

    I am sure you will reach your goals.