Thursday, January 21, 2010

Working Hard on The Weight Loss

Okay so I was a little bad yesterday but I think I deserved it. I worked out for 100 minutes which I also plan to do today. I had a cup of coffee with some of the white chocolate syrup we have for making cappuccino's. Not a lot but enough to make it sweet. I was down another half pound this morning even with the sweet coffee.

Jeff thanks for all your comments and I wanted to address your last one. I plan to stop worrying so much about weight as soon as I can see a difference in the way my clothes fit. I have not had to go anywhere since Sunday so I have been wearing sweats or pj's so when I go out tonight I will notice if there is a difference. Until I notice a difference all I have is pounds. I know that when you gain muscle you can actually put on more weight even thought you are loosing fat.

Lucky for me I have sizes ranging from ones all the way to twelves except I don't think I have any sevens. I don't see myself in the ones again but if I work hard maybe the fives. I am not sure how womens sizes work half the time some are odd and some are even and some are just crazy wrong. I have two size 12 pants I fit into right now and three that I don't so I will consider it a half size loss once I can fit into the other three. I was actually fed up because I was starting to feel very uncomfortable in the two pairs of pants I could wear so tonight I will put one of those on and see how I feel.

I know my weaknesses are sweets and being sedentary so now I have to address them. I did a bunch of house work yesterday to keep moving but my mop broke and I did the kitchen on my hands and knees and I really felt that in my leg. So tomorrow it is off to buy another mop I can't be crippled by mopping when I am trying to get in shape. So all my hardwood floors will have to wait, but it will give me something to do this weekend.

Blogging about this helps me keep on track so I will be here as much as possible.

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  1. we will help keep you to your word, just remember we will be watching... lol

    best of luck, keep it up.