Friday, January 8, 2010

Sitting Here Listening To Dave Ramsey

I am sitting here heating my leg that hurts from two days of one hour on the treadmill. I am listening to the Dave Ramsey podcast from yesterday. I am sore but I am feeling motivated. I went very slow on the treadmill only 2 miles in an hour but I a am sore. I have been lazy and I have to start over again the hip I broke last year is really weak from not working it. I had to stop my cleaning to rest. Sometimes icing helps but heating seems to help more when it is cold, go figure.

I have been eating my healthy breakfast most days. Here is what I eat either french toast on light whole grain bread or waffels or pancakes from Hodgson Mills Whole Wheat Buttemilk Pancake Mix. What makes it amazing to me is that I make my own topping. I use four bags of my favorite frozen fruit. I mix and match today I will be using mango and peach two bags of each. I thaw them and put them in a food processor. I puree them and then throw them in a big pot with a half cup of brown sugar. I cook them on medium heat for about 30-45 minutes. Then I put one third of a cup in in little zip lock containers and freeze them I take out one each night for the next day.

I going to have to rework my food budget so I can eat healthy. I have heard a lot of people say it is cheaper to eat healthy and the only thing I can say for that is NOT. Especially when you live somewhere that gets cold in the winter. Fresh fruit and veggies get really expensive and they don't even taste good. They go bad quickly as well. A lot of the whole grain products are expensive or they taste like crap and many of those have crap like high fructose corn syrup in them. I trust Hodgeson Mills to have natural ingredients.

I am rather disappointed about having to change my budget but I suppose it will be worth it in the end. I want to follow the plan Dave Ramsey out lines in his books. My husband and I are pretty well on our way but there are a few things holding us up. I need a job and will have one for at least two months by March it will be full time. It will be part time after that so I need to find something part time after that. If I could make a few hundred a month at home some how it would be great, I will keep working at it but it doesn't seem possible.

I really want to sell our duplex but the housing market in Toledo Ohio is really bad we have so many foreclosures they are selling houses so cheap. If we didn't have something to sell we would be able to find a great deal but the buyers know that and we can't even sell the house for what we bought it for. We realize we will never recover the money we put into the house but we would like to sell it for what we bought it for. We don't like the whole landlord thing it is a pain in the butt. So my prayers are for the house selling right now. I don't want to try to pay it off right now I just want to save for a good down-payment for a house with a half acre to an acre where we can have another dog and a huge garden. The only debt we have is the duplex so it would really help us if we could sell it but it has been on the market like two years.

When I get back to work we can save all the money I make but we will have a little extra expense because I will have to drive to work so our gas and vehicle maintenance will go up. What we would really like to do is save to pay cash for a house or at least a fifty percent down-payment. We don't really want to look at houses again thought until we sell the duplex then we can decide what we need to have saved.

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  1. best of luck with your efforts... i hope it sells soon, but like you said it is a bad market.