Saturday, January 9, 2010

Resting my Leg Today and Blogging

Right now I am waiting for my mom and sister to get here. We are all going together to a baby shower. I am listening to Tribes by Seth Godin I have missed a lot so I will probably go through it again. Most of my morning has been spent clicking adgetize ads and dropping EC cards and looking up new pictures for my blogs. I found a few new places to find images and I really loved this one.

I may have some time to work out this evening. I have been staying up later and I might work out later if Ryan doesn't have any plans for us. I have been pretty good about my eating and I hope they have something healthy at the shower today.

I am also hoping to learn something about marketing with the few Seth Godin books I have on audio book as well as the related books but I am much more interested in the fiction books I have.

On a side note I have decided that when I loose 20 pounds I can start thinking about getting a new tattoo as a reward. I think I want a gothic looking cross on my wrist but that is as far as I have thought. I have always wanted another tattoo but could never figure out what I wanted. I got my first one at 18 now I am 32 and have not gotten another one. I love mine but it is only seen when I wear a tank top and even then it is partially covered.

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  1. it is good to have a reward... best of luck, stay positive.