Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Lost Some Weight and Made a Few Dollars

My Work From Home News
I have been using Amazon Mechanical Turk and I have made a few dollars to go toward books. You can also have them send it to your bank account but I just want to use that to support my extreme addiction to reading. It is easy but I learned quickly that you have to be careful what links you click on or you will end up with computer issues. They disable many of the harmful links but don't always catch them right away. I have earned money faster with that than any other method but it is still not much. In a week I have earned about 5 dollars.

In about 6 months I have only earned a little over 17 dollars with adsense and I only earn something reasonable with Adgetize (on my Dark Novels blog) when I post, click and pay for an ad. I might set something up for this blog if I can figure out how to make a better button to click. I might be able to do it myself with a program I have but who knows can hurt to try. I have never made enough to pay for the ad thought. I could if I had the time to click the maximum ads a day and post so if you always have time to do that you should be able to pay for your ad. It is not a bad program and if you have a lot of visits and ad clicks you can make more money. I am going to try to keep up on that a little more and see if it begins to generate more traffic. Right now I need to keep posts on my blogs too.

My Weight Loss News
I weighed myself just before I started this healthy eating plan of mine and I am embarrassed to say I weighed 165. I weighed this morning a little over a week later and I was 163.  I am only going to count it as one pound lost and attempt to wait at least a week to weigh again so I am not so disappointed if it goes back up a little this week. My weight loss goals for this year are to loose (starting at 165) 40 pounds; 125 is a normal healthy weight for me as I am just barely over 5 feet tall. I am hoping for about a pound a week but there is some leeway since there are 52 weeks in a year. I am sure there will be setbacks and stress so that will give me 12 weeks in case I get sick or have to work a ton and can't get on the treadmill. 

I am feeling motivated because I have never been this heavy in my life and I am sick and tired of this weight. I know I will feel a lot better once I loose 15 pounds because I will be able to fit into more that the two pairs of pants I keep washing and sweat pants. I got a hot topic gift card for Christmas and I intend to get a pair of pants when I loose some of the weight.

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  1. keep it up on both ends... the worst thing to do is quit.

    keep trying to lose wieght or better yet live healthy and never stop trying to make money online. best of luck...