Saturday, January 23, 2010

Really Tired Today

Well today I am really tired last night I walked on the treadmill for two hours and ten minutes and did some weight lifting. I am sore and tired but I still want to work out so I am going to do an hour on the treadmill to make sure I keep my motivation up. I have been looking at all kinds of cool tattoo designs too. I love some of the tribal wolf prints I found and some of the wolf paw prints as well as the crosses. I may be getting two tattoos one at my first twenty pounds and another at my second twenty pounds. Who knows I found so many that I like that I don't know what to do. I found an artist I really like at Deviantart and asked if they could design something for me.

I guess we will see when the time comes to make a decision. I really love the tattoo I have of a spider on my back but it is rarely seen. I want something that will be seen more often. I wish I could post some pictures of the art I like but it is something the artist doesn't want so I will respect her wishes. I hope another cup of coffee or two will wake me up so I can get a late start to this day.


  1. I feel the same, sore and laking motivation... but we can do it, so let's get it done.

  2. Thanks Jeff I did 3 miles in an hour. Still sore but glad I did it.