Sunday, January 24, 2010

Feeling Drained

Well today I do believe I am going to rest, well not rest but I am not going to work out. I said when I started this I would listen to my body and it is telling me that I am working too hard. I am not going to sit here and do nothing all day but I am going to stay off the treadmill. I went to bed at one this morning and didn't wake up until eleven and I still feel tired.

I am torn about this but since I am also still sore it is probably a good idea ......I think. I will work on getting the house cleaned up. Since I go back to work tomorrow to start learning what has changed in my job. My replacement is going to have to start seeing the doctor each week until the end of her pregnancy now that she has only a little over a month until her due date. She will need me to fill in more often and that really makes my day. I will be able to earn a little extra money and be able to have plenty of workout time.

I am going to work on setting some weight loss goals and I think I am going to have to include a day of rest each week for my body to energize. I was thinking that for February I will make that the day I work as I will probably only work one day a week. I also went to the store last night and got some healthier foods. I love having waffles with fruit topping but not for breakfast and lunch everyday. I got some yogurt, peanuts, carrot sticks and salad stuff so I could have veggies and a bit of protein for lunches. Most of those foods will also serve as good snacks if I get really hungry on days I work out a lot.

So I will be back soon with a plan and some short term goals instead of just the goal to loose 40 pounds. That is my big goal and it puts me at 125 pounds which healthy for my size. Once I get there I can work to loose a few more pounds or I can stay there but I don't want to go above that again. For those of you wondering I am a very short very small person and healthy weight for me is between 100 and 130 pounds and I thought 125 was a reasonable weight to start with.

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  1. sounds like a plan, and it is good to give your body a break...

    just keep your head pointed towards you goal, and you'll be just fine.

    best of luck.