Sunday, January 31, 2010

Got a little off track

I have not been feeling really great and trying to change my schedule for going back to work. On top of that my heater is broken. We have to manually shut it off and turn it on. It gets really hot or really cold. It was 85 degrees in here yesterday then it wouldn't turn on so it got cold before bed. I called today now that it is only like 72 degrees in here. I need to have that fixed because I am not paying a 500 dollar gas bill for the furnace staying on. Plus it is so hot I don't want to get on the treadmill. I was going to get back on track today but with the heater still broken and a bunch of house work that needs done I may be getting back to the treadmill tomorrow. I will be working one day a week until the end of February or beginning of March but then I will be working full time so I will probably only be on the treadmill an hour a day once that starts. I should still loose weight but it won't be as fast as I would like but that is okay.

It is actually easier for me to eat healthy when I am working because I can't snack so much and I have to eat the healthy stuff I take to work with me. I am glad for the work I will be able to buy more audio-books to listen to on the treadmill without feeling any guilt.

I have lost five pounds this month and have had a few more good workout days. I am going to keep track of my workouts and start tracking my food a little more closely. I am going to have to balance out my food better because I have had a few days where I actually crave something full of protein instead of sweets. I am going to have to eat more healthy meats.

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  1. Keep it up and never quit trying to accomplish your goals.