Thursday, October 29, 2009

Journal Entry One --What to do?

Well I am feeling better today after the let down yesterday. Today is a new day and I am going to make the most of it. I want to work out today, maybe pull out a work out video and see how much I can do. I believe I have some that are mostly strength training with a little cardio to keep your heart rate up. I think some of my problem staying motivated is becasue I have grown very weak, especially in the leg that was broken. That means I am slow at everything so I am going to focus first on building my strength back.

I do know when I am not this overweight I am so much more confident. I don't know why some of my confidence is directly tied to my weight but it is I just have to face it. I have to do something about it. I was still confident at 20 lbs overweight but at 40 not so much so if I can just loose 20 pounds and get physically stronger I will be in good shape. I am not so worried about being skinny as being healthier. My brain functions better when I feel better. I am also thinking some of my stomach problems are from being so overweight.

The weight thing has been on my mind a lot lately. Also my future career has been on my mind. I am not liking this whole Pure Romance gig and started thinking that I would try Tastefully Simple but instead of just jumping in, I spent some time researching it and decided that if I do that I will have to make the money somewhere else to get the kit. I think I just don't like selling things. Or to put it more accurately I don't like doing the parties. I don't think a food party would be as hard as a Pure Romance party. I am sure there are a lot less rules but I would actually prefer an internet based business with the option to do some sort of demo party for friends and family. I am thinking I will stay active with Pure Romance for now because I may take the summer off school and work part time at my old job. I would have time then to really give it a fair chance.

Other than that I am really going to try to focus on some writing. I have a portfolio to get ready for my Creative writing class and I want to wirte some articles for Associated Content. Can I just say one of the reasons I have not done this is stupid but true. My laptop is broken we restored the thing and now it won't read any discs so I can't install a word processing program. Our regular computer has two choices of chair a hard wooden one or a hard plastic one that is nearly as old as I am. I have not been in agreement with my husband on a new computer. I know what I want and since I am the one who uses it the most I have trouble with compromising on this one.

I want a laptop I can take to school that way I can type between classes making better use of my time. I want a Mac, I hear great things about them and they seem to last a lot longer than a PC but my husband keeps trying to get me to look at anything but what I want. He even looked at the Mac desktops to replace our desk top. I am actually not concerned about replacing the desktop at all. It runs fine but it is stationary. If it comes down to it I will just look for a good chair on craigslist or something and sit there. Sometimes I get the feeling that my husband would have pushed for a Mac if I had said I hate them a million times. I don't want to act like he is a big jerk over this, I see his point that they are expensive. I but from what I have heard and read they don't get a lot of viruses and with all the stuff I do to promote my blog I need that plus I hear you don't have to replace them as often unless you want the tech updates. I would be fine with this laptop if it worked right. After getting a virus it has lost a lot of its functions and yes we had a virus program.

On a happy note I am going to leave in a few hours to watch my nephew's Halloween parade he will be a Ninja Turtle.

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  1. First off, for sure get a lap-top... i prefer pc over Mac but prob does not matter. But for going to school it makes a big dif. and I think everyone’s self confidence is tied to their looks, one way or the other. So I hope you never give up trying to be who you want to be.
    I love little kids dressed up for Halloween, they crack me up...

    and I would save a back up disk for your desk-top and reboot your comp. this will reset it back to manufactures conditions and work like a new comp. you'll have to reinstall all the games/programs back onto it, but you should be able to save any pictures or music files on back up disk... worked for me I have had to do it 2 times. But that has been over 4 years.

    Best of luck...