Friday, October 30, 2009

Got a New Laptop! Major Changes For Me

Today is a good day! I had a great evening with my husband last night and I got a new laptop. Everything works! I can spend my time between classes working on homework now without having to go to a computer lab. I can also do my blogging and homework in my recliner.

I was sore all day yesterday from a 20 minute workout the day before. It confirms that I have become very weak. I did the first 20 minutes of the toning video in the Carmen Electra Striptease series. No I am not studying to be a stripper it is a great work out and could be a plus for my marriage. I used to be able to do the whole video with ease. I was not sore until the next day but that is pretty bad. So I am going to try it again today and see how far I can get. I think I have been too weak to actually get a good cardio workout in.

I am have some homework and house work to do today. My wonderful husband did get some of the house work done last night. He also spent some time setting up my new computer!

I am going to have to back off school next semester. My goal is to make sure that I don't go into debt finishing school. I am going to go back to my old job part time sometime in March. My replacement is pregnant. She will need some time off and might want to work part time after that. So I will just take two classes and take the summer off. I already have the money saved for two classes and the job will make it so I don't have to dip into our savings for next fall.

Today is off to a great start I just have to stay focused and get as much homework done as I can. Then I will have more time to do what I want on Sunday. I do have to learn some of the new features on this computer as well.

Happy Halloween!


  1. first off conGrats on the comp, it will make a huge dif...
    and that work out vidio work well, my wife uses it and it help her feel sexy because she learns how to move. and it works for me because i get to have a lap dance now and then.

    I love to read you post when your up beat and alive. i am glad you are feeling better and life is coming more into focus.

    Happy Halloweer yourself. and best wishes to you on your life. thx for posting

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