Friday, October 9, 2009

I am so Sore!

I walked the dog for almost 2 hours yesterday. It was a nice walk and I didn't feel sore then, but i sure do today. I also taught her the first step to roll over. I still have to put the treat down near her shoulder to get her to do it but it is more automatic. She is a quick learner now that she is older but still young. She will be 2 in December. It is raining today and I have a lot to do so I don't know if I will walk her today but tomorrow is supposed to be very nice. I am planning another 2 hour walk and some more trick training. That should give my hip some time to recover.

I have a Pure Romance Party tonight that I am not super excited about. I think it is mostly because I am very nervous about having my second party for a complete stranger. Plus it was a last minute booking so even though I have had a week to prepare it feels weird; I had almost a month notice for my first one. I actually don't feel like doing parties right now they take too much preparation, I really wanted my website to take off and that seems to be going nowhere. I really want to focus on writing and with my life split in so many directions I just don't feel like doing anything.

So here I am writing another blog post. I am going to spend more time blogging if that doesn't help my web business grow then it was not meant to be. I get a great discount on all my romance needs so it is not like I am loosing anything. Who knows maybe I will take the summer off school and focus on selling more to save up for the next two very expensive semesters. I don't think so because I am not good at sales. I hate trying to sell to broke people!

I am going to work on character creation on my Dark Novels blog by writing journal entries. Right now they will be random until if get a feel for a few characters. When I have some extra time I want to try a male character but I am not sure I will be able to think like a man. I have written a very short story from a mans perspective once but have never been sure if anyone would buy me writing as a man. You can find that story here Leaving for Good

I have been very lazy about writing lately. I have a million excuses but they have to stop if I ever hope to make a dime or two doing this.
Jeff thanks for all your support it means so much to me!

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  1. no prob... you inspire me. even if you don't know you do. keep it up.

    sunday i will look at your story just don't have time until then.