Monday, November 2, 2009

Long Day But Good Day

I got up at 5:30 this morning to make sure I got my work out in. After breakfast and some coffee I did almost an hour of the Carmen Electra video I have been doing. It is only the third but I can already get more done. There are only a few things I just can't do yet so I do something else or use the time to let my heart rate slow a little just taking steps or marching in place. It is awesome I have also been eating smaller portions again and I feel better.

I have a clearer mind when I work out in the morning so I am going to try to keep this up. I will have to go back to work as well as school sometime in March so I need to have a good routine down.

I met with my professor that gave me the C+ and he said I have a solid B in the class but I said I don't like B's I like A's and he agreed to help me with my next paper. He will help me with the topic and he will look over a rough draft. I was worried about nothing, when he told me what I was doing wrong I understood what he wanted. I think I could do well on the next paper with just the information that he gave me today. I want an A though so I am going to take advantage of the help.

My creative writing teacher canceled class again today with a nice note on the door. I have been checking all my university accounts for email each day before class so I don't end up stuck there again when class is canceled. I don't really have a problem with classes being canceled but this is the third time with no warning. Most teachers will email us in the morning if they decide they can't make it to school that day. I have three classes one at 11, creative writing is at 2 and the other is at 4 so I could have gone home between classes or brought Moby Dick and got started on that. I have to read the whole thing tomorrow so that is what I will be doing all day. I have an audio version so I will probably listen to that while I fold laundry or something that needs done but requires little concentration.

So tomorrow I work out read and clean. I hope to drop 300 more cards as well. I did that this morning while my husband played video games.

On the plus side I have earned a few dollars from Adgetize and Adsense the last few months. I seem to get a little more each month. Maybe one day I can make $50 or more dollars a month with my blogs.

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  1. sounds great, keep it up. focus on the feeling good and stay off the scale. wieght will come off later. probaly with-n 3to4 months. if you weigh yourself every day of even weekly you will get disapointed and become more prone to miss a work out because you don't see fast results...

    good luck.