Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Today Sucks

I am having a bad day a little too personal to share here but really I am feeling like doing nothing but eating a huge tub of ice cream. Thank God I don't have that tub of ice cream just some one or two point Weight Watchers individually wrapped treats.

I am doing well with the weight loss about 3.5 pounds in 9 days. No super weight loss going on here, but enough to tell a little difference the way my clothes feel. Up until last night I was very happy about it so I am just going to have to get past this.

I feel such overwhelming sadness today that I can't seem to look past it to the good stuff in my life. I really don't feel sexy with red puffy eyes and I am wondering if I can even even sell Pure Romance products when I can't feel good about myself.

Why do I want to eat when I am sad? I think I will read today instead, pick up a book and loose myself in a world that doesn't really exist. Now I just have to pick one of the many I have in my to be read pile. Maybe start I'll a new series.

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