Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School is Going to be Stressfull

I am really going to like my first two classes, but the last one I already find to be difficult. The text book seems to be written by people who speak their own special educated language. It is so boring that I have to re-read what I have read because I my brain turns to autopilot. I read and don't comprehend.

I have to re-think a lot of things, the parking on campus is so bad now that I can't leave during my 2 hour break. So I purchased a meal plan I plan to take a long walk on nice days to one of the places I can use my meal credits. Other than that Mondays and Wednesdays will not be work out days. I will be spending them on campus most of the day.

All of my classes require a lot of reading and writing. I have an American Literature class in the morning, then a Creative Writing class and last I have Current Writing Theory. The theory class is like a science class and it seems to have little to do with writing for the first half of the class.

Two of my classes will be graded with a portfolio at the end of the semester I have never had a class like this so it will be interesting. The good thing is that these teachers are more than willing to take a look at where you are before it is too late to change your grade.

All of my teachers seem supportive but I you can't always tell until you run into a problem. I can't meet with my adviser until Monday and I am a little antsy about getting a real plan in place. I don't want to take a lot of classes that won't count for whatever plan I choose to pursue. I will be able to register for Spring semester in early October so I want to know what classes best fit my goals. If at all possible I would like to take one fun class each semester, like Native American Literature or Literature and Mythology.

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  1. sounds fun, well at least fun to be able to work at getting a degree you want. so you can do the job you want to.

    best of luck to you and keep us posted when you can.