Friday, August 28, 2009

Off the Wagon

Well I have been having trouble finding a new sleep schedule with school. I have have not worked out this week. I did however park far away from my classes and walked, the second day. It wasn't worth the hassle to find a close parking space, now I just need an umbrella.

So I tried going to bed earlier but couldn't fall asleep, so I was tired when I got up. Then I was going to work out in the morning, which I usually do in the living room on the treadmill or wii fit. My husband played video games to long before he went to bed. So I am back to having to work out before I go to bed or during the day everyday but Mondays and Wednesdays, when I am at school all day.

I also didn't eat well with the realization that I can't come home to eat. I ate at Magic Wok at school because it was convenient and the salad place didn't seem to have any meat. I did realize this was not going to be a good thing to do everyday so I bought a meal plan that I can use in the dining halls. They all tend to have at least a grilled chicken sandwich to go with their salad bars. They also have a subway that would be better than magic wok but I really wanted Chinese this week. That is going to be a challenge to stay away from so is the pizza in the dinning halls.

I have canceled my Weight Watchers pass because I can already see I won't be able to make enough meetings to make it worth it. Once I get back on track I plan to do the pay as you go plan. It is more expensive overall but since I will probably only be able to make a meeting or two a month with all my home work and my Pure Romance parties it will end up costing less per month unless I get more meetings in. At this point I just have to learn to re-adjust my time schedule to get everything in.

The good thing is that as soon as I find healthy alternatives on campus I have been eating a lot less. The Weight Watchers plan helped me to shrink my appetite, so as long as I don't give into the munchies when I am working on boring homework I should be okay. I don't have as much time to eat and at school I have to stand in long lines to get food, so I just get lunch and find somewhere to work on home work or read or listen to a book for pleasure.


  1. You might already know this, but in case you don't I’ll tell ya any way...

    If you want to lose weight it is better to eat 6 times a day.. carbs in the morning and higher protein meals in the afternoon.

    This will get your body out of starvation mode that is where your body collects and stores fats and nutrients for later use…

    the less often you eat you send a message to your body to store…store. And that is what it does, and the midsection is where it puts it.
    This way you increase your metabolism allowing you to burn more of what you put into your body because there is regular feeding through the day… exercise will help speed up the process but without changing your habits on how often you eat it will be a lot longer and harder…

    Still stick to your daily calorie intake just spread it out…
    Hard boiled eggs {great protein}

    Tuna sandwich with light mayo/whip cream whatever you prefer {great protein}

    Chicken or any kind of fish works well…
    It takes about 2 months to reverse your metabolism but it works….

  2. Thanks Jeff, I followed a diet like that once and did very well. It is hard for me to plan around it but the university claims to have tons of healthy foods so I am going to check that out. My dh mentioned that he actually doesn't care if I make food of fill him with microwave meals so that will help me for the two days I am at school late. I eat very late to eat with him he goes to work at 10pm. I would like to not eat an hour or two before bed.

  3. Carrie, I remember when my sister and I attended Univ. of HI together...parking on campus was virtually impossible unless you arrived there at 6 in the morning. Parking off campus was a great exercise routine for us. It's nice to see that you decided to do something like that, too. Walking is great for the cardiovascular system.