Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Get a Pole Dancers Body at Home

If you have been keeping up with my posts these days you know that I am progressing along with my weigh loss goals by going to pole dancing class as well as getting additional training at home from In only 4 months I lost 5 sizes and 20 pounds and am still loosing. My body is changing shape dramatically and I owe it all to this amazing sport.

Pole dancers come in all shapes and sizes but if you are training hard and eating healthy you will start to see the  long lean muscles you have dreamed of. A pole dancer's body is not easy to develop but it is possible. I am seeing results very quickly but I am also on the pole a minimum of 4 days a week and I spend just as much time in other forms of training such as other types of dance classes, stretching and flexibility training, several types of cardio exercises as well as strength training.

After training hard these amazing muscles are popping out  in my arms and my shoulders as well as my legs and butt. The definition is amazing yet not too bulky...who knew you could have muscle tone in your forearms.  Most of the fat I have left is in my tummy but I when I work out I can feel the muscle that I will soon be able to see. The best part is that pole dancing is so fun you won't even feel like you are working out. Then the drive to get better makes all the non-pole training so worth it when you get to the pole and you can do something new on the first try.

So if you are looking to try pole dancing visit this article on my pole blog for more information about getting the pole dancers body at home.

Have You Got Your Pole On today

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