Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Passive income is it possible

Passive Income Dreams
I don't really know the answer to that question but I am going to work really hard for the next few months to try and figure this out. I hate the idea of a behind the desk 9-5 job. I really want to work at home but it is more than that I want to pick my hours daily. I would like to learn techniques that can earn me money at least 95% from home during hours I am at home. That means if I want to take another dance class and can afford it I don't want to have to worry about being gone for 3 hours in the evening and missing a call from a potential customer. Worse yet is having to opt out of class that I have paid for to make a delivery for a customer who can't get the product at any other time.

I don't want to be down on my sales jobs but I do want to say they really are not work at home jobs like they claim to be. You have to take a lot of your work to the customer and they feel put out if you ask them to pick something up. I am done with Avon for many reasons but I am still selling Herbalife and Scentsy and I have no big complaints about any of the companies in general. If you want to make money with them you can not do it all at home unless you have good website promotion of some sort. I am looking into that for my businesses but I am very worried about the legal stuff involved in creating your own websites and other things such as that.

New Blogs

The big thing I am doing right now to generate a passive income is writing and joining sites that get paid for referrals and other easy tasks. I have a new blog that details my online income from various sources but that is taking up a lot of my time. I realize that I have to start out small and build up and that means a lot of time for a little pay as I work my way up. You can read the details at Extra Cash From Home my new blog. I have many ideas on how to earn from this one I just have to keep working learning about making money from blogging.

I have also created a fun website and hope to monetize it with some local ads in the future. It is all about where to go to dance in my home town. It is called Dancing in Toledo and it is more of a way for me to get to know what is going on in my area and share it with others who love to dance. I just thought since I love my classes so much it would be great to share it with others. On that same note I have a local Examiner account now for the club scene in my area and I think it will be a nice compliment to my website. Now I just have to get out there and explore what Toledo has to offer.

Goals and Things of the Past

I would be perfectly happy being a housewife that spends all her free time at the dance studio and taking care of pets and the house but sadly my hubby is not on the same page so we sat down and talked about it. I need to make around 650 a month one way or another. He wants me to make that much or more so it will be easy enough to get a part time job if I can't make this work. I have until September to at least show significant progress. I am pretty sure if I am progressing each month he will be fine with that as long as it is goes up each month. Right now I am looking at about 100 a month or more from multiple sources and increasing each week. So if I book a few Scentsy parties after my big dance show then I should be able to make the money with no issues.

I would like to work a little harder though at creating the passive income. Considering I love to write and can spend hours writing journal entries about my life and things I have done I am looking to find a more constructive way get paid doing that. I need to take my life and passions and find a way to write about them that puts a pay check in my hand.

If I could earn half from sales and half from passive means and writing jobs I would be very happy. I think this is a reasonable goal I just have to learn to marked all of my skills and get others on board. I need to take the confidence I am getting at the dance studio and put it to good use in marketing myself and my products.

I am done with Avon because it takes too much of my time and energy and I end up loosing my customers to someone who gives 40 percent off and considering I usually only get 20 percent off  I just can't do that.  Then when I drive out to deliver products that I only made 1 dollar on I am pretty sure I lose most of the profits I am making in gas and car repairs. Now that is not to say you can't make money with Avon but I was just having too much trouble with it and found that for sales jobs it was quickly becoming my least favorite in every way. Still love the products just don't want to sell them anymore.

I think I have mentioned this before but I am also done with the idea of moving anytime soon. The idea of having a farm is out of the picture too. I am so glad things happened the way they have because I am realizing there is no way I want to take care of a farm and a bunch of farm animals. I am good with a few hens and maybe an acre or two of property. Two dogs and a maybe a couple small goats for my hubby in the future will be more than enough and that would only be if I didn't have to leave the house to work.

Well I hope you visit my other blogs and have a great read. Let me know what you think about them and what I can do to improve them and thanks for all of your support.

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