Saturday, July 9, 2011

Herbalife, Personal Trainer and Gym.

Well I am loving the Herbalife products the only thing I am struggling with is when I lift weights I need more protein. I am going to order a protein powder to add to my shakes when I place my next order but I can't keep spending money before I make money. I have been feeling really tired and sore when trying to build muscle and I know I am just not getting enough high quality protein.

The next thing is my lack of equipment at home to get a quality strength building routine going. I don't have a lot of free weights or a weight machine so I could use another way to get those exercises in. With my hubby still laid off I can't go spending hundreds of dollars on a weight machine but I might be able to join a gym. There are a few newer gyms in town that offer a reasonable down payment with a very low monthly fee and no contract. As far as I can tell the lower the initial fee the higher the monthly payment so joining will depend on a few factors. Do I think I will be able to afford my own equipment soon? Do I think I will drive to work out at the one with the lower down payment? How long do I think I will go?

The third thing I wanted to get out in a blog post today is that I think I am going to go through the program to become a personal trainer. There is a program I have only heard good things about and I am looking into that one. The only thing is I don't want to spend the money at this time unless I can make it by selling my products. I would love it if my readers would pass along my website to anyone they think might want the products. My phone number and email is on the website so I welcome questions. If I don't know the answer yet I will check into it and get back with you. I could really use a boost in my sales before my big debut party near the end of this month so if you need to loose weight or boost you energy check out the site.


  1. Good luck with everything. I'll pass on the link.

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